Volunteers Rally to Archive Ukrainian Websites

ICPSR recently became aware of the Internet Archive's race to archive the Ukrainian Internet as the war has intensified since Russia invaded Ukraine in February. 

From the Internet Archive Blogs: "As the war intensifies in Ukraine, volunteers from around the world are working to archive digital content at risk of destruction or manipulation. The Internet Archive is supporting several preservation efforts including the Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online (SUCHO) initiative launched in early March." 

FACES 2019 Data Released by the Child and Family Data Archive!

The Child and Family Data Archive (CFData) is pleased to announce the release of data from the Head Start Family and Child Experiences Survey 2019 (FACES 2019).

FACES 2019 is a nationally representative sample of Head Start children, their families, classrooms, and programs. The study provides descriptive information on the participating population, such as: